This article is part of Interactive whiteboard software testing series.

Dymo provides a deb package of their MimioStudio software for Ubuntu. Therefore the installation was fairly straightforward and here’s what I did after downloading the package.

Deb -package was installed with dpkg.

sudo dpkg -i mimio-studio_7.11-2_i386.deb

Because the installation of the software required libfakekey0 -library I finished the installation by:

sudo apt-get install -f

The installation displayed a graphical progress bar, but no interaction from the user was required. Installation created a menu entry for the program just as could be predicted. Still after the installation the program could not be started neither from the menu or command line.

The problem was caused by the .mimio -settings folder which was owned by root and thus didn’t allow the basic user to use it. After changing the owner of the file, program stater immediately.

sudo chown opinsys: .mimio

-Antti Sokero